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Artist Polina

  You always have idea that you know
practically everything about your own child - at
least now, at age 5. Well, not exactly.
The surprises usually come when you don't
expect it.

  One moment she will be afraid of the painted
face of the clown and worry that he would
choose her in the crowd of laughing children and
several minutes later she would say that the
clown was the one she liked most in the circus.
  She could be stubbbbborn making you practically
insane when arguing about the way she will eat
her oatmeal, and she could make very scientific,
long conversation with nurse discussing how deep
the needle will go during subcutaneous injection.
  She would tease her brother to hysterics over small insignificant things, but will protect him with
all her soul when he is hurt and somebody is
laughing at him.

  She extremely enjoys to go to Inna for art lessons, but the first question she
could ask her when door opens whether Inna still have these very delicious
crackers she gave her after drawing last time.

  She is a vivid mixture of good and not very-good qualities, but when you are
about to collapse, all of a sudden she looks at you, feels all your exhaustion
and tension, hugs you and kisses you (three times - no mater what) and you
feel that THIS is the moment of happiness...

What do I like about Inna's art lessons ? She enjoys working with children and
gently directs them to open up their individuality. Yes, there are rules in
painting, and you should be able to follow it, but it will be nothing without
your ability to say about subject in your OWN, UNIQUE way. Inna does both
of these tasks great ! She sees each child at his best and enjoys his small
discoveries with him. I do not see Polina as a professional artist, but I am
happy that Inna helps my daughter to see world around her in bright colors
and not to be afraid to express her feelings about it...

Niguel Childrens center in Aliso Viejo,  CA 92656, affordable pre-school program and childcare in safe, loving enviroment. 949-495-2512

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