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Ina is master of Art in teaching, with years of experience.
 Miss Inna Bulatova is a master in the teaching of Art.
She is a successful professional oil painter with
years of experience.

In 1980 Miss Inna Bulatova enrolled in the Art Institute
and successfully graduated with degrees in
Art and Teaching.

During 1980s, she worked as an artist in the
Film Industry. During this time she also opened her first 
Art Studio.

In 1998 Miss Inna Bulatova established, the
“New Academy” a successful art school
teaching her students sculpture, drawing, and oil
The school had over 200 students of ages
from 4 years old to adults.

Inna Bulatova

As a talented creator of many impressive paintings and sculptures, Miss Bulatova
shares with her students the real knowledge of art. Her passion for art and
enormous energy directly translates into children’s enthusiasm.

Many students who attended Miss Bulatova’s art lessons were inspired to choose
art to be the focus of their career later in life, becoming artists, decorators,
architects, graphic designers, art directors.

Many of them are working in Film and theater industry.

In 2004, Inna displayed her work for the first time in a California art gallery.

Her paintings are in private collections in the USA, Frace, Germany,
Italy and Spain..


From every parent’s perspective, his or her child deserves the best. In an effort to
achieve children’s happiness, parents strive to offer them the nicest things, find for them
the most reputable school, and teach them exceptional skills. Inna’s art class provides
that unique educational and entertaining opportunity that contributes to children’s
happiness and brings joy to their parents as well.

The art class is an excellent way to expand the score of children’s activities and expose
them to various form of art. Here they try their hands at drawing with pastels, painting
with water color and gauche, molding with dough, and working with other tools and
materials. Aside from learning new techniques, they develop their imagination and
creativity; discover new interests and even talents. As I noticed it in my son and
daughter, children take great pleasure in seeing their accomplishments, which also
boosts their confidence, so indispensable in life. Being a parent who has great
aspirations for my kids and who wants to impart everything valuable to them, I’m pleased
to know that an addition to educational benefits, the art class instills the love for art in
them, promotes a sense of esthetics, and develops ability to value beauty.

As a talented creator of many impressive paintings and sculptures, Inna shares with her
students the real knowledge of art. Years of experience as an art teacher enabled her to
produce successful, dynamic approach to teaching and helped her establish an amazing
environment where children, feeling comfortable and relaxed, can effectively reveal their
abilities and learn new skills. Also, children certainly benefit from the individual attention
and help with their work. Her warm personality and enormous energy directly translates
into children’s enthusiasm and willingness to take this class. What a wonderful way for
children to spend time meaningfully!

Elena Powell

Inna is my drawing teacher. All what she does is done from the bottom o her heart and
with a great professionalism. Never sparing her and time. I started the drawing lessons
by myself, but Inna’s enthusiasm and the skill of getting interested others were crowned
with success. Now three of my children got involved in the work and take lessons from
Inna with a great pleasure.
I am very-very happy with that!

       Thank you, Inna!

Elena Perelman

Dear Inna:
I am writing to express my sincerest appreciation for the art classes that you have
taught to my children.
Every week you bring a new medium to work with, along with a challenging project for
the children to explore.  It is apparent that you have put a great deal of thought and
consideration into these projects.  Time and again your challenges awaken and inspire
the kind of creativity that my children would otherwise never have the opportunity to
explore. It is a shame that in today’s age the public schools are unable to provide the
kind of art classes that were once considered integral to a child’s learning and
development.  These days it seems that most teachers are forced to teach toward a
test, or measure of specific criteria.  I am thrilled to have found in you the kind of
teacher who motivates and encourages free self-expression.
            Most gratefully,

Katherine Kotkin

Inna is an artist at heart. Her creativity is shining through everything she does. Inna’s
home is filled with her own paintings and canvases, which are unmistakable reflecting her
unique talent.
Inna does not restrict her students from expressing their creativity-she only supports them and
helps children develop their own unique style, therefore developing their own personality though
their artwork.
My 5 year old daughter Katusha started taking art classes with Inna just a few weeks ago and
already I can see a tremendous improvement in her understanding of basic concepts of art.
Katusha approaches her art projects with more confidence that she ever has, her knowledge and
perception of form, different kinds of brush strokes and her understanding of space and relativity of
an object she is drawing became more precise!

Polina Way

The gift of a teacher is a very rare gift. Despite the fact here are a lot of teachers
there are not so many teachers who are capable of becoming the beginning of the way
or show it, those who we remember and recollect frequently and cite them. Try to
recollect your teachers and you will understand what I am talking about. The teachers
who help seeing the world, in which you are living, understand its laws and become a
part of this world. And one truly regrets if one didn’t have such a teacher, right?

And not newest pr scientific methods, but the soul, eyes, wisdom and patience are
important here. If all people surrounding us were so patient, we would be different and
the world would be different.

Inna Bulatova possesses such a gift of a teacher. She is capable of being more patient
with our children than we can do ourselves, she can be strict and demanding at times
when it is necessary. She is simply fascinating them. Sometimes it seems she knows
them better than you and we, parents. She possesses a special intuition, which never
lets her down.

We are concerned with the performance of our children and the most important thing –
by the absence of interest to studies, we are upset to realize that our children are not
interested in anything and even if such an interest appears it is short-lived and it
disappears right away, but why? I think it happens because they are interested only
when they discover themselves and there’s a person who is happy with their

Inna Bulatova is exactly that type of a teacher. My daughter Helem Oliva studied with
her. After visiting the Academy the girl showed the interest and the dream, which
started to drive her and help at the most trying moments. I was very concerned by
the fact my daughter did not read. No, she could read, she was simply not interested
and now she just started reading and drawing! First other teachers scolded her for the
fact that during the explanation of a new material during the class she was drawing
rum devils, but the outcomes of quizzes and tests showed the progress and she
explained herself that it is easier for her to perceive explanations and easier to think!

Inna’s students acquire the skill of expressing their thoughts, heir attitude to the
surrounding and happening around them.

There was one more interesting moment in the Academy of Inna Bulatova. The
children’s parents showed the interest of drawing, first those who brought children and
remained to wait until the end of the class started drawing, sort of, on the quiet, that
noone sees, but others noticing that they were charmed and also started drawing until
one mother was bothered by inconveniences and set down in an armchair in the
classroom by the door during Inna’s class and having laid out sheets of paper and
pencils, started drawing. A real pilgrimage started, we thought it would result in a
scandal, but it didn’t and next time we had the class in a more spacious room and there
was enough space for everybody…

We, being the parents, were not learning as much of drawing, but rather understanding
our children and saw that we have become closer to our children as well.

A human being makes discoveries not only when he or she is a child, but for his/her
whole life. I discovered a lot of new things in my daughter for myself and Inna Bulatova
helped me in that.

Pictures of Inna Bulatova tell to her professionalism as an artist, the gift of a teacher,
which she possesses – our reminiscences, our gratitude, which can not be hung in the
gallery, but which helps us living realizing that we are HUMAN BEINGS.

Nadya Cordona
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